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Switch from 2G to 3G modeGeneral

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  1. grganki

    grganki New Member

    I am not able to find any option for switching from 2G mode to 3G mode and vice versa.. It gives only one option "Use Packet Data" I am not sure if this is the 2G mode or 3G mode. Can anyone please help on this.

  2. raol

    raol Active Member

    Settings > wireless and networks > mobile networks > network mode.
    Select GSM for your 2G network or WCDMA for 3G. :)
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  3. gopiqpp

    gopiqpp Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos which always connects to 2G even though Signal is strong. I tried your method to get it to connect to 3G but it didnt work. There are no settings in the phone to enable manual switching between 2G and 3G.

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