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Switch networks for the first Android Phone?

  1. SerenityNow

    SerenityNow Member

    Will you jump ship with your current provider if they don't offer one of the first Android Phones? I'm itching to get my hands on one so I'll probably go where the goods are... but cancellation fees... YUCK! And I bet the first Android Phones will be kinda pricey.

  2. DustoneGT

    DustoneGT New Member

    I am currently a Verizon user and I am highly suspicious of them using Android.

    What I mean is that they will probably introduce an 'android' phone with their dog-ugly red interface like they do on all their phones and it'll be locked up so that there is no changing it.

    Plus they will probably lock it up so that I have to buy ringtones, apps and navigation from them for outrageous prices.

    If I can get a normal android phone with the openness I want, I may use their network for it. If they screw things up, I'm ditching their donkeys.
  3. robot

    robot New Member

    so, I been with verizon for 4 years, and my 2 year contract ran out yesterday. Now I am up for a new phone with them (up to $50, oooh lala) and out of contract. I kind of like the env(2), but I cant stand the verizon interface and walled garden of bs. The only reason I have been able to tolerate it this long is because a) there hasnt been another option aside having no phone, and b) I was able to hack the shit out of my razr v3m to get it doing stuff it couldnt by default. But now Vz apparently has their phones on even more lockdown, so possibly cool phones like the voyager or env2 just cant do what an iPhone can do... so I wont be happy with them, so Im not gonna upgrade and Im not gonna sign another contract with these losers...

    I am gonna wait... the first carrier on which I can operate the first cool android phone (it better NOT look like a blackberry) I will take it. Who wants my money? It isnt going to be verizon we all know that! And please offer a good data plan for $50/month... pleeaassseeee

    Please please please be sooooon. Sooo jealous of iphoners, even though iLosers generally annoy me... must resist temptation
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  4. HCSC

    HCSC Well-Known Member

    If I switch networks for the first Android Phone? No. I am from Croatia (Europe) and I don"t have contract with my GSM operator. If I will buy which Android Phone I look for one of Unlocked.
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  5. TrCeaAstTer

    TrCeaAstTer New Member

    I can't say that i'd jump ship but I would love to think that i would. I'm one of the saps that bought an iPhone and let me tell you all you're missing absolutely nothing... I mean don't get me wrong its revolutionary, love the part w/ carrying ur music around and what not plus the interface is pretty good.... Whats wrong? Everything else, its not 3g, no gps, but worst of all... ITS CLOSED! (oh and you gotta deal w/ apple ppl) but seriously i'm sick of being locked in by either the manufacturer or carrier. I'm w/ AT&T which isn't as bad as Verizon (i'm sorry to all you) but still we should have the freedoms w/ our phones as we do w/ our computers! Its OURS!
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  6. androidmaddy

    androidmaddy Member

    My contract is going to be up in September, when the first T-Mobile Android phone is set for release. Well, since T-Mobile is going to be the first carrier with an Android phone and I am with T-Mobile already, I won't have to jump the ship or anything to get an Android phone, but will gladly, gladly sign another 1 or 2 year contract with them. Till now, I have been averse with signing contracts for cellphones, but Android phones make it worth it. I'm in.
  7. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    There isn't usually reason for T-Mobile customers to rejoice... but this makes it all worthwhile in my eyes. Unfortunately I'm a Verizon Customer (although I love Verizon)!
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  8. HCSC

    HCSC Well-Known Member

    T-mobile and Android (HTC Dream) contract.... something like Apple iPhone and AT&T.
  9. McHale

    McHale Member

    why would ANYONE drop carriers to be among the first to get Android? It's an OPEN OS meaning many devices will have the ability to run it and all carriers are going to have it. T-Mobile has a 1 week - WEEK! - exclusivity.

    I certainly wouldn't go to T-Mobile for it. That's like moving to a deserted Island for it. What good is a phone with horrible coverage?

    After the first devices ship, the OS itself will be available for install on already existing devices. I've been running an old beta on my HTC Kaiser for quite some time now.
  10. shelliewnj

    shelliewnj Well-Known Member

    Did this forum really start before the first android phone came out? I am relatively new to smart phones, so I just did a quick search and found the first ones came out in october of 2008? is that right?
  11. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    haha.. i can see into the past!!!!

    interesting to note.. most posters in this thread have single digit posts.
  12. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Sweet even though my wife might kill me lol

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