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Switch to Rogers?

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  1. neilfries

    neilfries Active Member

    Currently I am with MTS which is Manitoba's version of Sasktel. They only carry iPhone and Blackberry products and that's all they have carried for quite a while and it doesn't look like they will be carrying them anytime in the future. I fought the system and got a Samsung Captivate and a sim card. What I am wondering is: would I be better off switching to Rogers? I keep getting mixed reviews from people that I have talked to. Some love it, others hate it. What is your take on all of this?

  2. antonio107

    antonio107 Well-Known Member

    Why not just go for Fido? Rogers plans, IME, were only cheaper if you got a long-term contract, and if you were smart enough to get an unlocked phone with its own SIM chip, I can't imagine you'd be silly enough to sign away your soul three years to Rogers...
  3. stusue

    stusue Member

    If u switch to rogers be prepared to be ripped off every month with mysterious extra charges. Some months u won't believe how high your bill got and you'll spend hours on the phone every month with them trying to negotiate the extra charges off your bill. They are master com artists. Be warned.
  4. yeroc1982

    yeroc1982 Well-Known Member

    Rogers is terrible, their service is total junk and their customer service is even worse.
  5. johnchow

    johnchow New Member

    Certainly no-no to Rogers.

    Ripoffs in monthly bills. Overcharges here and there, and every time you see $25 extra in your bill it take days! that's right, several days over the phone to get them cancelled and corrected. Sometime they needed to do a few corrections one after another one to settle it down properly.

    The final point was when I needed to transfer the number from my friend's account on Rogers to mine. That literally took us 8 hours sitting both in Roger's office talking to sales guys in person, then to support team over the phone and they could not even complete full transfer by the end of the day so we've had to come next day too.

    In my opinion this company is the best example of the worst customer support and the slowest one in dealing with customer inquires.

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