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Switched off phone starts itselfSupport

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  1. spineytoo

    spineytoo New Member

    This accidentally posted in introductions. Sorry!
    I don't often need the phone-call facility, except for emergencies. I use the Galaxy as a PDA and for emails and sometimes Internet, and for walking routes/GPS, so I prefer to keep the phone turned off completely to avoid battery drain.
    Recently the phone has switched itself on at various times during the night and woken us with start-up noises and incoming Amazon emails etc.
    Please can someone tell me what might be causing this and how I can stop it.
    It does not seem possible to edit Samsung apps permissions. Dare I uninstall the Samsung apps?

  2. Dieben

    Dieben Well-Known Member

    Try downloading the GSam Battery Monitor, select the right arrow on "App Usage" to get to the "App Sucker", and on the dropdown list at the upper right select "View Num Times Waking Device".
  3. howdo

    howdo Member

    Easy, clean with a tooth brush or similar where you put the charger in to your phone. Give it a right good clean. Trust me, it will sort it.

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