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Switchin' it up??

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  1. SpartanS66

    SpartanS66 Member

    I currently have a Samsung Epic 4g which I got 2 years ago (Apr 2011) and have had it replaced (through Best Buy's "Black Tie" program) 3 times. Through a mishap on Best Buy's part they gave me a free Galaxy Nexus. I really want to switch over to the Nexus but I keep hearing mixed reviews saying it's not that great and the battery sucks.

    I use my phone quite a bit especially for work (constantly needing to make phone calls). Should I switch over to the Nexus for now, and then upgrade to the Galaxy S III in April when my actual upgrade comes up????

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    moved you to the device comparison forum.

    well you can always root the galaxy nexus.......any nexus phone is easy to root from what i hear. rooting will gain you more freedom to do whatever you want. this includes flashing a custom kernel. kernels are the go between the os (software) and hardware and allows you to control the juice more efficiently allowing for better performance and battery life.

    but that is up to you. i do not own a galaxy nexus nor played with one so i can't give you feed back about it.
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  3. SpartanS66

    SpartanS66 Member

    Never rooted a phone for fear that I wouldn't be able to unroot when I trade it in for a new phone. Might have to try this.

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