Switching androids?

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  1. redlancers34

    redlancers34 Active Member

    Hello, i have the htc incredible on verizon and i was wondering if i could possibly switch to the droid 2. Im out of the 30 day thing its just i want a keyboard!!! I think i saw a site where you trade phones but i don't remember it. Also im still in contract. Please no harsh comments! thanks

  2. After the 30 days, you would have to pay full retail price if you want another phone. Thats why they give you 30 days, to try out the phone and see if you like it.
  3. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Well-Known Member

    You could look on ebay and see what your phone is selling for and what a D2 is going for. Perhaps you could get one that way?

    As far as the phone swap site goes, I've never seen, nor heard of it, sorry.

    Good luck!
  4. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    Verizon takes trade-ins on their devices. They don't offer much for them though.
    Last time I looked the trade-in on the Droid 2 was a whopping $72.
  5. Sweet Chaos

    Sweet Chaos Well-Known Member

    I would recommend trying ebay or craigslist for a cheap phone, or go to the classifieds section here and see if anyone wants to trade a Droid 2 for your Inc.
  6. MikeAce00

    MikeAce00 Well-Known Member

    I have a spare D2 looking to return to VZ... I am inside my 30day return window but I really I just want to trade it in for an Incredible. Maybe we could trade straight up? Its a CPO but its in mint condition. Why are you looking to switch? For me I just prefer the touchscreen over the keyboard. Plus I'd like to play around with Cyanogenmod.

    Shoot me a PM if your interested.
  7. tennispro4ever

    tennispro4ever Well-Known Member

    I would highly recommend craigslist. I use it all the time to sell any and all electronics, phones, stereo's, ect. Otherwise try the classifieds on these forums. Good luck

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