Switching between GLSurfaceView and View + home button

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    Oct 12, 2010
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    Hi folks,

    i have this problem. In my app I have one activity which switches between GLSurfaceView and normal View. To do this I use ViewFlipper. Everything works as expected. But problem is when i touch the home button and then resume the activity. When I touch home button with displayed GLSurface view, the resume to the activity goes fine, it is quick. But, when I switch to normal view and touch the home button, the resume takes about 2-3 seconds. I noticed, that this problem occurs only on Android 2.2, both emulator and device. On android 2.1 everything is ok, resume to activity with displayed normal view is fast.

    I cant't find anything in log. Also I tried to call onPause and onResume on GLSurfaceView when switching between views and in activities onResume call onResume on GlSurfaceView only if it is displayed, but didn't helped.

    Can anyone help please? Am i missing something to do...?


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