Switching between keypad and keyboard

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  1. desirehtc

    desirehtc New Member

    I just bought an HTC desire.

    I love the different keyboards, but would love to set them as defaults for different tasks.

    The QWERTY keyboard is too difficult to use while on the move, so I like to use the keypad (mobile set up) when sending text messages.
    The rest of the time I find the keyboard easier to use but it is a pain to switch between the 2.

    Is there anyway of setting different defaults, or an easier way of switching between the 2?

  2. desirehtc

    desirehtc New Member

    Or if there is no way to set default keypad settings for different tasks, is there a way to set up some kind of hot key to switch between the 2 (QWERTY & Keyboard)?
  3. bigt

    bigt Well-Known Member

    If you hold the phone horizontally it'll show the qwerty keyboard instead of the mobile one

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