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  1. orange07

    orange07 New Member

    I just got my Samsung Epic 4g, and I am confused about the emailing. I have 3 gmail accounts (1 for work, 1 for school, and 1 for the phone) and 1 sbcglobal account. I have the sbcglobal account in the email app and then the other 3 in the gmail app. How can I switch between the 3 gmail accounts?? Is there a way that I can create 3 different gmail apps or something? Please help me!

  2. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    You might just be able to run all four of them through the email app you're using for your sbcglobal address. If there's an easy switch for the Gmail app, I'm unaware of it as I haven't even tried...
  3. orange07

    orange07 New Member

    Omg I figured it out!!!!! You just click on the icon that takes you to the gmail app then you press the taskbar button on the phone and release it and pops up a bunch of portions and you just click accounts soooooooo easy!!! :)

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