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  1. thejoeinme

    thejoeinme New Member

    Does anyone know how Swype updates its dictionary? I know it pulls words from my contacts list, but does it get them from any other source? There are certain words that constantly show up in Swype, even though I have deleted them countless times. "i'd" is a big one. I would never type the word "I" and leave it uncapitalized, and, yet, it somehow keeps reappearing in the dictionary. Certain letter combinations like "nt," "ou," and others continue to show up, even after I've deleted them. That's what has me thinking it's pulling words from something else on the phone. Is there any way to make it stop doing that?

  2. HunterJohnson

    HunterJohnson Well-Known Member

    having the same problem. it seems to just make up word/letter combinations when I use it. words like "r2o" [wtf??]
  3. thenestor

    thenestor Well-Known Member

    I think it helps to go to Swype settings and move the slider away from "Fast Response" and closer to "Error Tolerance". It seems less likely to introduce new non-existent words that way.

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