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  1. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

    Anyone know a good download site for the Swype keyboard for Dinc? Thanks!

  2. mmolitor87

    mmolitor87 Well-Known Member

  3. ckar

    ckar Well-Known Member

  4. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    although i've found it a little buggy on the inc each time i've tried it.

    i'm running slideit now which is pretty close to swype. not quite all the same features but not near as buggy.
  5. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    Nary a bug here. They roll out new versions every couple of months, so "buggy" can get outdated quick.
  6. freezy74

    freezy74 Active Member

    I tried Swipe on my Inc and it said the screen size was to small. I have been using SlideIT also and its been working very good. I like the way it does double letters better than swipe.
  7. Emmnemms

    Emmnemms Active Member

    I, being very picky when it comes to smartphone keypads, have tried Swype, SlideIT, and Swiftkey X.

    I used Swype for 4-5 months (I have had my phone 6 months) and never had any problems with it except right before a new version was rolled out, I got a notice saying that my account had been cancelled or something to that effect. But nothing ever came of it and it upgraded fine.

    Not a fan of SlideIT...at all

    and I'm currently using Swiftkey since I got it for $.10 at the current app sale. I'm not sure I would prefer swiftkey over Swype if it wasn't for Swiftkey's ability to "learn" words and patterns.
  8. Seinfreak37

    Seinfreak37 Member


    I've been using Swype on my Inc for over a year with no issues. The most recent version (released in the last month) made pushing out updates much smoother.

    Make sure you are geting it at the official site - beta.swype.com
  9. slanch

    slanch Active Member

    I love Swype, i've had it for over a year and while it gets a little frustrating sometimes it's the best keyboard i've found on the Incredible
  10. Wotan

    Wotan Active Member

    Last summer, when I couldn't find a version of Swype that had a microphone button, I found "Flex T9 Speak-Trace-Write-Tap" in the Android Market. It's around $5 and I love it. Practically identical to Swype.
  11. Chudman

    Chudman Active Member

    Another vote for Flex T9. The ability to voice dictate, swipe, write, or just tap keys makes it very flexible.

    I use the voice option for dictating long emails. The voice recognition accuracy is remarkable.

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