Swype Keyboard for Behold 2

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  1. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    Okay so there exists a new version that is only the English Language and removed the Tutorials. Brings down the install size on my BH2 to 3.08MB... a lot better.

    This version was edited by Tudsen on Xda-Developers... You can possibly find it by using google and searching "SwypeReference-HVGA-trial-release_eng." it will more than likely link to XDA-Developers and on post 136 on Page 14 of the thread, there should be a link (mediafire) to this version.:cool:

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  2. xblue95

    xblue95 Well-Known Member

    Im very impressed with swype, have been running it for a few days now. Very accurate! My version says it takes up 4.66MB?
  3. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mastermind, love the improvements! Swype is genius.
  4. btbarr

    btbarr Well-Known Member

    Hey does anyone know if this version is time bombed? The older version that I had been using for about two weeks finally popped up with a message that said "Your trial period is now over."
  5. xblue95

    xblue95 Well-Known Member

    Ya, my came up "Trial Ended" today also. I was really enjoying swype, I didn't know it was trial ware. Guess I need to figure out how to pay for a copy?
  6. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    You can try this: Swype | Text Input for Screens
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  7. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    swype is amazing, it even gets the correct word even if I don't think I swiped correctly!
  8. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    I *LOVE* IT!!!!!! - And I was a Shapewriter person. But this is so easy and well, perfect :)
  9. tritran18518

    tritran18518 Well-Known Member

    how can you type "pocketnow.com" ^^
  10. SoulCreator

    SoulCreator Well-Known Member

    I've always been a physical keyboard type guy, so when I got the BH2 I found the whole virtual keyboard thing was driving me freggin' nuts... Anyway I tried swype and I've got to admit it's an amazing piece of software, it *almost* makes me not miss a real keyboard it's that good.
  11. xblue95

    xblue95 Well-Known Member

    I one thing I found frustrating with Swype was how the "word prediction" feature covered up the actual text field. I couldn't see what I was typing, specially in messenger. Other than that, excellent!
  12. deathclutch

    deathclutch Well-Known Member

    should just be... start at p and when you get to the period.. swype down to the period.. then c o m
  13. kkarlin

    kkarlin Well-Known Member

    My biggest issue is that as a LONG time blackberry user, the most comfortable (and fastest way for me to type is using both thumbs. I am just having trouble moving over to using a single finger.
  14. dctony2010

    dctony2010 Active Member

    Does Swype require hacking/rooting (sorry, new with all this) to install? I don't want to void the phone's warranty or bring it to a point where I can not reset the phone back to factory setting. Thanks
  15. kkarlin

    kkarlin Well-Known Member

    @dctony2010 - no rooting or hacking required - just follow the directions. It is still in Beta, but appears pretty stable to me.

  16. bangsters

    bangsters Well-Known Member

    this sux....i haven't downloaded it and beta is over :(
  17. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    Is it still available in the leaked version, as it says in the OP?
  18. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    have had swype for about a week now..

    simply amazing and accurate!

    though i cannot figure out how to add words.
  19. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I love it - to add words, you can just type them in like on a regular keyboard. Once you space or hit a punctuation mark, it will add it to the dictionary.
  20. nomadrider123

    nomadrider123 Well-Known Member

    I am getting faster with it too I just wished their was a stylus to use then I think I would be set. lol
  21. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Mine won't let me switch back to swype. It says trial period is over.
  22. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    You need to sign up at swype.com for the beta.is closed now but they will email you when its open again
  23. WurrzMiKey

    WurrzMiKey Active Member

    oh dang it's closed now? i only got it a couple days ago. swype is amazing, i kind of feel excited everytime i get to use it haha
  24. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Well-Known Member

  25. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    No surprise there - that's why we love it :D

    Question: the Swype instructions/tips say that to remove a word from the dictionary, you double tap to highlight it and then tap the swype key - when I double tap, nothing happens. Am I missing something, or am I an idiot, or is this a known issue? One of the few things that bugs me about swype is when it puts some random sequence of letters in there - I really need to be able to delete stuff from the dictionary. I've tried reinstalling the beta, and I still can't double tap on a word. Thanks in advance!

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