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Swype Not WorkingGeneral

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  1. CoyotesFan4Evr

    CoyotesFan4Evr Well-Known Member

    So, I just got my Razr M today from FedEx and I've been playing around with it and it's pretty cool so far. I'm still trying to get all my apps on this phone so I can really see what it does once I'm set up. First impressions are good minus it being smaller overall in size compared to my Bionic.

    So my issue is this, I turned on Swype and have since turned off and turned back on my phone but to no avail it won't activate. Now I'm using GoSMS Pro because I love it and it's the best one out there that allows customization in my opinion. So what am I not doing or what am I doing wrong on this so that I can use Swype?

    As silly as it may sound, I will go back to my Bionic if Swype doesn't work on this phone. I love Swype and I don't want to use a different keyboard just to be able to use Swype. In advance thanks for the help!!

  2. CoyotesFan4Evr

    CoyotesFan4Evr Well-Known Member

    Anyone got any help on this?/
  3. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    Once you set it for use in settings you have to do one more thing. It's kinda goofy you have to do this but, open up a text message and look at your notification bar. You will see a keyboard symbol. Open that and choose Swype. You are now ready to use it.
    The only benefit of this I see is being able to switch back and forth easily but how many times do you really do that?
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  4. ellymae

    ellymae New Member

    Thanks so much. I just switched from Bionic to Razr M yesterday, because my Bionic started lagging terribly. Having a very frustrating day already and not being able to use the Swype was making it worse! Now if I could just get the good ringtones.
  5. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the the thanks and the OP....?? :)

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