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  1. jwm2

    jwm2 Well-Known Member

    Well after you have swype installed and ready to go here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it:

    1. Use the built in tutorial. This tutorial takes 5 minutes to complete but will show you the ins and outs of using its keyboard, its very handy and a must if you intend on using it.

    2. If a word you swype in does not come up correctly or offers you choices that are not even close, just click the X and then type it in one letter at a time, using the peck-a-key method. This adds it to the dictionary and the next time you swype it in, it'll work.

    3. The built in dictionary is not as complete as you may want it, but over time it will learn how you type/swype and will work better as time goes on. After a week or so it should work with most or all the words you swype in, but give it time. They exclude some words on purpose (cuss words etc) or words that aren't very commonly used to keep the size of the file small so it doesn't take up too much space on your device with words and patterns you don't use.

    4. Holding down a button will change the letter to the symbol above the letter. This comes in handy when you need to insert a couple numbers or commonly used symbols and don't want to switch screens. I find its much quicker to just hold a button than switching, hitting the key and then switching back.

    5. Holding down the back key will delete full words at a time. That way you don't need to keep hitting the back key repeatedly, this is a time saver if you need to delete a full sentence for example.

    6. Pushing shift will change the symbol keyboard to the symbols/characters above the numbers. This just makes it quicker to choose a symbol instead of long pressing the key to achieve the same result.

    I'll update this post and add more tips as i can think of them or others post them.

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  2. markketch

    markketch Well-Known Member

    Edit: figured it out
  3. srqspearo

    srqspearo Active Member

    when i try to look up this app (swype) on android market, it could not fintd it. i find two others: Better Termal Emul....and myTextSpeed...

    so how can i find swype?
  4. srqspearo

    srqspearo Active Member

    got it! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot guys!!!
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I installed it, but swype function is not in the vk. I did activate sype, but still not a feature when using vk.
  6. markketch

    markketch Well-Known Member

    Touch and hold the text input field, then select Swype.
  7. ShadowFX

    ShadowFX Member

    Hmmm...having some trouble. I downloaded and installed it fine...selected input as Swype but whenever I try to swype a word, it just flashes and beeps. I even tried the tutorial and it does the same thing.....suggestions??
  8. markketch

    markketch Well-Known Member

    Let's start simple - remove and do another clean install. Maybe something as easy as that will work?
  9. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    This is stupid but I downloaded the program from the link above and saved it on my laptop. I then sent it to my phone through email.

    I saved the attachment to the phone storage but can't find it now.

    EDIT...NEVERMIND! I just needed to long-press the compose box and choose the keyboard from there. Been good since figuring that out this morning.
  10. bikercr

    bikercr Well-Known Member

    If you want a new word memorized by Swype's dictionary, tap the <space> key after typing out the word.

    I recommend the following settings (home page-->menu-->settings-->language and keyboard-->swype settings):

    ---check auto-spacing
    ---uncheck word prediction (too often inserts the wrong word)
    ---disable audio feedback (causes crashes with some phones)
    ---change speed-vs.-accuracy toward accuracy (you can go all the way with this because the Inc is so fast). This enables faster Swyping because errors are more accurately corrected automatically.
  11. AlexNC

    AlexNC Well-Known Member

    Deleting words from dictionary:
    - double click a word, then click the Swype button. This will ask you if you want to delete the word.
    - only words that you have added can be deleted. Not the default dictionary words.
  12. Iam918

    Iam918 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know a way to disable the swype tips key on the swype keyboard? Stupid thing keeps popping up 'cuz I keep fatfingering the keyboard.

    Sent from my HTC Incredible.
  13. bigdragons

    bigdragons Well-Known Member

    I installed it but still no swype when I try to look for it....any help?
  14. Nano

    Nano Member

    I installed swype and love it. But every time any app changes the orientation of the screen (portrait vs landscape one way or the other), and every time I'm going to use Swype, I get a message that says "The swype package you installed does not match the screen size of the device. Please contact Swype about issue. Screen size 800x480."

    Also, the keyboard doesn't show up in landscape mode (I just noticed). Do I have the wrong version of swype? I know they haven't made one specifically for the Incredible... but is there one that fits the screen better?
  15. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    Took me a minute to figure it out too. Did you activate it in the settings>keyboard menu? You have to check the Swype box.

    Then, when on a text message or email, long-press the text box and an option box will appear. Choose 'input' and select swype.
  16. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Is Swype really worth it? Seems like a weird way to text. Also, can someone please post a link to a version that works correctly with the Incredible?

  17. markketch

    markketch Well-Known Member

    The link is already posted in this thread - see 4th post.

    Swype is worth it for some, but not for all. It is a weird way to text, but it's a new technology that is extremely efficient and much quicker than normal tap input methods. If you don't like it you just simply remove it.
  18. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it rocks. I just use the Voice to Text too much for short emails and texts, so I keep the android keyboard open instead.
  19. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Thanks I can't believe I missed the link. I need some sleep. Might give this a shot, looks like I need Astro File Manager first.

  20. benson304

    benson304 Well-Known Member

    I agree, for some reason I cannot get it to work right, sliding my fingers around to type seems so foreign to me.
  21. golfinglenn

    golfinglenn Well-Known Member

    As for tips and tricks, if you slide from the swype key to the sym key you get a new keyboard that allows you to copy, paste, and a whole bunch of other things I haven't played with yet lol. To get back to the regular keyboard, hit abc key, where the sym key was before.
  22. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    How do I get to Talk-toText from the Swype keyboard?
  23. golfinglenn

    golfinglenn Well-Known Member

    Hit the menu button then the microphone button is just above and to the right of the menu key. That is where it is on mine, but I am using Handcent keyboard with swype.
  24. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    What is the Handcent keyboard? I have Swype but that is all.

    If I hit menu while the keyboard is up, I get 5 options ("all messages", "quick text", "attach", "dicard" and "insert smiley"). No microphone.
  25. PokerMunkee

    PokerMunkee Active Member

    Is it possible to have the Voice To Text option on the swype keyboard? The best of both worlds?

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