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  1. dfribush

    dfribush Member

    I had no problem setting up my Exchange sync, however I have multiple calendars on my Exchange account (1 account, multiple calendars), but the phone only syncs with one of those calendars. Is there a way to have it sync with ALL the calendars on my exchange account?

    (And I did go to the calendars selection settings but it only shows one of my exchange calendars.



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  2. joshuafrfld701

    joshuafrfld701 New Member

    Synchronize Outlook PST Files Synchronize all your Outlook folders (PST files). For tools you can use to sync between Exchange Public folders and mailboxes, Share and Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts folders with Google,

    susan branch calendar
  3. cdd543

    cdd543 Well-Known Member

    Yes agreed I would like this as well. Touchdown doesn't seem to do it either.
  4. daminsky

    daminsky New Member

    I'm using Touchdown version 4.0.0017 and my other calendar shows up as an option under Settings>Advanced>Folders. However, I can't figure out how to switch to it.
  5. gjlamb

    gjlamb Member

    This works fine on my Moto Backflip (1.5). I had all 3 of my Exchange calendars from my 1 account showing up be default on calendar app. Since getting a Desire it only syncs my main calendar. Is it something that was dropped in 2.1???
  6. joeygator

    joeygator Member

    This thread seems to have died but I could use this information as well. My second calendar on my 1 exchange account doesn't seem to show up.
  7. jeffervesce

    jeffervesce Member

    I'm looking for this as well I beleive. Need to open my exchange calendar + a public calendar in the public folders. Syncing this secondary calendar with my gmail calendar and then that in turn with my droid seems to be my only lead so far, but I don't know how to do even that yet.
  8. 11oops

    11oops New Member

    I also need this on my Desire. I'm coming from a iPhone 3G which supported multiple Exchange calendars since (I believe) its release in 2008. This is a must, so even if I have to use a third party application, so be it.
  9. MatthewAnderson

    MatthewAnderson New Member

    I am in need of the same thing. It is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to the life of my business that this is done.

    It seems as if no one has answered. Therefore, I have called my network specialist and he is going to look into this. Once he has FIXED this I will be sure to post how he did it and HE WILL do this or find a different job, lol no or he will find a way around this. I will try my best to post the answer, however, if I do forget PLEASE feel free to contact me at Matthew@BorderLogistics.Net. I should have the answer to this by October 19th 2010.

  10. jeffervesce

    jeffervesce Member

    I've now succeeded in syncing my public calendar to my moto milestone using android 2.1 update 1.

    Here's how I did it:
    - Right click on the calendar inside of it's public folder in outlook and publish the calendar to office online. There are 2 ways to do it, publicly (calendar is viewable to anybody who knows its there and wants to look), privately (only viewable by invitation). You'll need a windows live account to associate the published calendar to. I personally haven't tried syncing with a privately published calendar yet. I'd be interested in any success stories, I don't have time to mess with it further currently. Once the calendar is published you'll be provided with a webcals url.

    - Log into your gmail account on google, navigate to the calendars section, and add a calendar by url. Paste the webcals url you got. If the url says 'webcals' at the begining you may have to take off the S making it 'webcal'. I had to do this, though I only knew because I added the calendar on my live account calendar and it told me to take out the S.
    - Now sync your google calendar on your droid to that gmail account. My calendar showed on my device right away but didn't update until I turned the calendar sync for that account on.

    So far I've kept my shared calendar showing in my google calendar only, and my milestone corporate calendar shows my personal exchange calendar. Was working on merging that one into the google calendar too since I'm using it anyway, but not in a hurry now that I can see the shared calendar.

    Hope this helps somebody!
  11. maskedlion

    maskedlion New Member

    My need may be different than the answer above. I am trying to access calendars that have been shared with me from others. I am right now sitting beside my peer who can do this on his Iphone4, however I am unable to access these shared calendars from my EVO. Any help?
  12. scottsman6

    scottsman6 New Member

    Did anyone figure this out. my samsung moment with Moxier mail did multiple calendars. My Evo won't. Anyone know how to make it work?
  13. scottsman6

    scottsman6 New Member

    Thanks. I'm using Google more and more and will share this with the IT folks.
  14. muzzman

    muzzman Well-Known Member

    ME TOO!

    I have been wrestling with this one also. I have an HTC Desire and can only have one Exchange Account.

    At work I can see my own calendar, my colleagues calendars, and the meeting room calendar.

    I have Exchange setup on my Desire, so I can see my own calendar events ok. The only thing I want to add is to be able to see the Meeting Room calendar so when I make an appointment with someone I am not flying blind.

    I tried downloading the Google Gmail sync tool but this didn
  15. poyda5

    poyda5 New Member

    Anyone have anything solid for this question? I cant believe there is no solution or third party app for it
  16. mkanet

    mkanet Member

    Maybe Im missing something really fundamental; but I cant find where to add a shared calendar, shared tasks, or shared notes. This is one of the core functions of Exchange and fully featured clients. Surely something this critical for business isn' completely missing. If it is a missing feature, is this going to be added in the upcoming version of Touchdown?
  17. TamCat

    TamCat New Member

    I'm also experiencing this issue with my new S2 it syncs multiple Google calendars fine but with Exchange ActiveSync only one (the default) is brought over. Pursuing the issue on the Office365 forums revealed that a user with Android 2.2 on a Droid can pull multiple exchange calendars using active sync with no customisation etc so it's odd that it seems to be missing from 2.3.3...
  18. paradronmedic

    paradronmedic New Member

    Any one get any answers on this?
    I have tried so many fixes in Outlook and searched multiple forums but still haven't come across a method that works.

    My only alternative is to buy some software called code two exchange sync. Which promises to do this.

    any ideas?
  19. Karanza

    Karanza New Member

    I think the only way to view public folders on mob devs is to have the app mentioned by paradronmedic installed on the server (Codetwo exhchange Sync). Smartphones, including Android phones can only sync default Exchange folders such us default inbox, calendar, contacts etc...

    Check this:

  20. gjlamb

    gjlamb Member

    It seems to work fine on iOS and WP7. Maybe it's something Google has implemented with Android to push people to using GMail instead. I have seen sub calendars come up but only on Motorola Android phones.
  21. new hero

    new hero New Member

    Hi - I have exactly the same problem - using Outlook Exchnage hosted app with Android. Cant see wife's calendar!
  22. loorke

    loorke New Member


    Does anyone have found an App yet to show 2 Exchange calendars from 2 different exchange users on an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy SII)

  23. Gloriana121

    Gloriana121 New Member

    Hi, I've read the posts above but still not sure what to do. I have Outlook on my PC with two personal calendars, one of which I use for business related appointments as I'm self employed. This syncs easily with the iPad and I can enter new appointments on the iPad and specify which calendar to add them to.

    I've recently changed my iPhone for Android and will regret this move if I can't get the same functionality on my Samsung Note 2 as it is my phone that I use most to drive my calendars, although I do make changes on the iPad, and less so the laptop.

    I just want to see & edit the same data on all devices, is it really that hard? I've spent so many hours on this already. Can anyone help?
  24. NoteGio

    NoteGio New Member

    Don't know if anyone is going to read this, but since i got some usefull info off this board i felt obligated to share my knowledge.

    in android 4.1 if you want to see just the calender for example your wife(someone who is close to you. This method is probrably not for business use due to security reasons.) You can add another exchange account or whatever, and when in setup choose to only sync calender and tick everything else off. Or if you want to see task leave this box checked.

    After you're device says everything is ready, open calender and enjoy!

    tested with:
    Google calender
    S Planner

  25. magpie0000

    magpie0000 New Member

    None of the suggestions above worked for me - I keep two calendars on my own work Exchange account (one is my Home calendar and not available to my secretary). Although my last Droid synced them both on its own, the new Galaxy SIII (ICS) won't. Publishing my Home calendar didn't work.

    Many, many hours of searching and almost sent the S3 back. The only solution I've found is Gsyncit. It works. The phone's native software syncs my default Exchange calendar. Gsyncit let me pick and sync my Home calendar to my Google Calendar (which I don't use anyway - but I'm using it as a passthrough), which also syncs to the phone. The entries from the two calendars are different colors. I'm on a limited trial right now. The software is $20 which completely annoys me b/c Samsung/Google knows this is a problem but I might have to pay it.

    Only thing I cannot fix - when I input new appts manually, I choose to put them on my work calendar (so that is the last setting). I can't get S Voice to do that so I can't use S Voice to set up appointments. She always says can't schedule it or something like that.

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