Sync Archos 10.1 tablet with Palm Tungsten e2

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    Mar 13, 2011
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    I'm looking to sync both my calendar and contacts that are on my Palm Tungsten E2 with my Archos 10.1 table. I sync my Palm E2 with my work calendar and contacts and would love to have that information on my Archos tablet.
    I had tried using the Google Outlook sync with my Google calendar but because my work email and my Google email addresses are different I get error messages and it doesn't work.
    My work does not allow me to connect my tablet to their network/email so I need to find other ways to get the data synced without manually export to a csv file and importing to the Archos. The Palm sync works great but I would like to eliminate carrying yet another piece of equipment to keep my calendar and contacts in sync.
    Can anybody recommend something for me to try?


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