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  1. lilpenny1

    lilpenny1 New Member

    Hello - This seems to be a common problem / thread but I haven't found the appropriate solution.

    I would like to sync Facebook / LinkedIn with existing contacts, without everyone appearing on my list when I press the Call button. Here's what I've done:

    1. Log on to Facebook / LinkedIn and select option to sync only with existing contacts
    2. Go to People -> View and uncheck Facebook / LinkedIn

    The second step prevents everyone from showing up on the Contacts page. However, it does not seem to control who shows up after you press the Call button. For example, it shows recent calls and everyone on all of the contact lists, regardless of what changes are made to the View settings.

    Is there a way to modify settings for who appears after you press Call?


  2. brownbag68

    brownbag68 Well-Known Member

    How do you change facebook and linked in to sync only with existing contacts?

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