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  1. i260

    i260 New Member

    A few months ago I exported all my contacts to SD card and then sent each one as vcard to my gmail account for back-up purposes.

    It seemed like a long winded procedure but I couldnt seem to do it as a single action.

    Anyway, is there an easy way to update / sync contacts as they are updated on the phone if I havnt actually kept track of who I have added / edited?

    I have just done another 'export to SD' but that happened so quickly I wonder if it did anything!!


  2. i260

    i260 New Member

    hmm - looking further into this from 'people' when I select 'menu' and 'view' I am then presented with the option of 'phone', 'sd' or 'gmail'.

    This seems to imply that the other contacts that I have already sent to gmail are being read from that account and not on the phone as such??

    How does this work then should I do a complete restore - will they just appear back on the phone and does that mean if I change a contact phone number to an existing entry that this change is updated on the phone and in gmail??

    Sorry to ask dim questions but I'm new to all this!:eek:

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