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Sync Contacts with Outlook 2010Support

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  1. digifoss

    digifoss New Member

    One of the people that work here bought a new Vortex phone with Android and would like me to see if I can sync his Contacts in Outlook 2010 onto his phone. Since I don't have an Android phone, I thought I would ask here. Thanks .

  2. bogiedogie

    bogiedogie Member

    as far as i know it is not possible, but i am not an expert. you have to set up a gmail account. on the gmail page there are instructions. i use OL 2007, so i don't know the exact steps, but i exported to a file, chose CSV windows, then the folder. one thing i learned, and so far have not liked, is that the synch process with gmail combines like name accounts. i had a joe smith and a joey smith, and it took one number from one and added it to the other. ultimately i found it was still there but linked together, and there is a way to separate them in the phone contact list. it is not a synch. it is an export, so you add a contact to the phone, it is not in outlook. the calender will add after the time you set up when setting up your google calender. mine is 10 minutes. i think you might be able to e mail the new contact to yourself to add it to outlook. i just tried to give you the steps and realized i cant use the third party email i added recently to do it. the system wants to use the standard e mail client, so i have to play around with that.
  3. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    There are a number of options available for syncing Outlook to Android phones. SyncDroid.net is a great resource for exploring your options. Most of the options listed there are able to sync contacts.

    If your coworker is interested in syncing more from Outlook (Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, etc) I'd suggest they take a look at CompanionLink for Outlook & DejaOffice for Android. Using the two apps in conjunctions they'll be able to keep everything synced up nicely. If they have any questions about it, let me know!

    - David Z.
  4. MWFrels

    MWFrels Member

    This probably a question I really do not need to ask but is DejaOffice going to be a necessary app for my phone? I purchased a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket two weeks ago. Now I am wanting to merge my phone contacts to my Outlook contacts so I can manage them a little easier on my PC. I also want to do the same with my calendar. I just (minutes ago) purchased CompanionLink 5 for Outlook. to be able to move what's on the phone to Outlook will I also need DejoOffice? Please ask if my question is not clear.

  5. companionlink

    companionlink Well-Known Member

    Yes - DejaOffice is a free download from the Android Market (or Amazon Appstore). It allows us to facilitate the syncing process, and it handles more types of data than the built-in Android apps do.

    That said, it also allows you to sync with the built-in Android apps if you like. See here for details on that.

    If you have more questions about DejaOffice or CompanionLink, just let me know!

    - David
  6. SamForgyven

    SamForgyven Member

    OWA Android App (QOWA) Quick Outlook Web Access
    Hi all - My organization locked down our outlook email so I tried every OWA Android app out there and none worked for me. They all required something open on the server end such as exchange web services or WebDav. There was no way to get my android to work with my email except the browser, but the logout was every minute, requiring a retype of my username/password. If you ever used OWA you know what I'm talking about.

    This QOWA is still using the native web interface so it should work with ALL OWA email addresses. This works very friendly with the touch environment.

    Here is the link to the QOWA app in the marketplace. This works for Microsoft Outlook exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010.


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