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Sync contacts with Outlook on my PCGeneral

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  1. mseif

    mseif Well-Known Member

    I am moving from Blackberry to galaxy S2. All my contacts and events are backed up / synced to outlook express on my PC. Doing sync either way with BB desk top manager is a breath.
    Can I do the same without going to / passing through any gmail account ?
    Is there a 2rd party apps that does that easily ?

    Thanks a lot

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

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  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

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  4. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

    I have always used Samsung Kies to do this, since day one.

    Very simple set-up, and Kies automatically syncs and updates my Outlook Contacts and Outlook Calendar every time I connect my phone.

    Very reliable, and I have never had any problems.
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  5. Rheumatoid

    Rheumatoid Well-Known Member

    I just wish google would produce something to do it simply OTA like they have for the calendar
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  6. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    Hi there. I also want to sync and avoid Google servers. I use Companion Link which is at www.companionlink.com. Check it out. It costs but it works well.
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