Sync E-Mail between Thunderbird and Andriod

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  1. TimTDP

    TimTDP Member

    I am looking for an app that will sync data between Android and Mozilla\'s Thunderbird\'s e-mail client. Data that needs to be syncronised includes:
    * e-mail (multiple e-mail address's)
    * contacts
    * tasks
    * events

    E-mails must include received, sent, deleted, drafts

    It needs to be both both ways:
    Android -> Thunderbird
    Thunderbird -> Android

    It must support multiple devices. (I have a desktop, smart phone and tablet and all need to be syncronised)

    I am happy to pay!

    BTW, I have thought of using IMAP instead of POP to keep e-mails in sync. But, as far as I know, IMAP only works for received e-mails and not for sent e-mails.

  2. TimTDP

    TimTDP Member

    After 55 reads and no replies, am I to assume that what I am requesting is:
    * not doable
    * too complicated
    * has no commercial value

    I have searched this topic this for weeks, and judging by the number of simillar requests I simply cannot believe no-one has taken up the challange!

    I can only conclude that I must return to Windows and use BirdieSync which does the job. So much for my brief relationship with Android!
  3. reagnon

    reagnon Member

    I'm creating AirConnect, a WiFi sync app. It will have outlook support upon launch. If i have any time left before my deadlines, i"ll try to include it.
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  4. TimTDP

    TimTDP Member

    Please include Thunderbird
    I am happy to pay for the app!
  5. reagnon

    reagnon Member

    I will offer the app for free but i'm looking for people to test the app while in alpha state, If you'd want to do that for me i'll see what i can do.

    (check this post)
  6. TimTDP

    TimTDP Member

    I can test, but only with Thunderbird. I don't use Outlook
  7. reagnon

    reagnon Member

    Thunderbird and file sync... i'd be happy with that (it might take some time before i can do thunderbird, file sync will be done first...) you can check progress on and i'll send you a pm when the app is ready for testing.

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