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  1. fje

    fje Member

    Hi, I own a HTC Sensation and just today I got the system update to Android 4 with Sense 3.6, being the system version after installing it

    Everything was syncing well, but after installing the ref. system update, I get message: "Unable to copy calendar items from your device".....

    HTCSync version is 3.0.5606. I know there is an update for the HTCSync and I tried it, but then I get message "Unknown error:1000", so I got back to my previous version 5606 that before the last HTC system update worked perfectly.

    If I unmark Calendar in HTCsync, both Contacts and Bookmarks sync OK, but when Calendar is marked, everything stops when the calendar error is reached.

    I googled looking for the error, many entries, but most of them old ones. My question is: Is anyone having similar error these days, that we could feel can be related to the last update?

    Any help will be welcomed, as with that error no calendar sync is done, neither from Outlook to HTC nor viceversa.

    Aditional question is this the right place for this Post or would it be better placed in the Android general discussion forum?


  2. chattygirl

    chattygirl Active Member

    Exact same problem here!
  3. fje

    fje Member

    Hope someone will help us with some idea. I also opened a post in a spanish HTC dedicated forum, they suggested me some alternatives that didn't work. :mad:

    Should I get any solution that works I'll definitely post it also here.
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  4. fje

    fje Member

    Hi, I solved the problem, following a cue a colleague in the spanish forum gave to me:

    I uninstalled (using the control panel "programs and characteristic") everything that seemed to have relation with the problem:

    Adobe Air:
    HTC Sync: 3.0.5606
    HTC Driver:
    HTC USB Driver: 1.0.5375

    I downloaded from HTC website the most recent version of HTC Sync, 3.2.20 and I reinstalled Adobe Air ith the most recent version from Adobe website.

    I then did a full re-install of everything and the final status is:

    Adobe Air:
    HTC Sync: 3.2.20
    HTC Driver:
    HTC USB Driver: 1.0.5375 (the only one that is the same I used to have)

    And now, everything works as It should. [​IMG].
  5. zhong38fr

    zhong38fr New Member

    I am having the similar problem : I could synchronize all but "contact" of my Google account.. and it is since 20th April... horrible.. I try to unmark other to only synchronize the contact, it still doesn't work out at all....
  6. fje

    fje Member

    Hi, try to do what I describe in my previous post. Uninstall everything, including Adobe Air, from the "program characterisitics" and then download and re-install Adobe Air and HTC Sync... It worked for me.

    Good luck

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