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  1. zaltol

    zaltol Well-Known Member

    On my Pre when I logged into FB it synced the pictures with all my contacts from google apps.

    Does this not work on the EVO?

  2. paradox183

    paradox183 Well-Known Member

    For some of my contacts I had to manually link my Google contact with a Facebook profile. It seemed pretty random.
  3. zaltol

    zaltol Well-Known Member

    Just found the settings to link them. Seems to take some time too.
  4. wabryant4

    wabryant4 New Member

    Is this in reference to FB pics to you phone contact list on the Evo? On my old BB, I could sync contacts in my phone book to their corresponding FB picture, if applicable. In the Evo, it seems I have to do them one at a time.....has anybody found a way to do this sync in one step?
  5. mattcnz

    mattcnz Active Member

    i cannot find the setting to do this. can you please tell me how you did it
  6. caligirl8458

    caligirl8458 New Member

    I have the Incredible. When FB friends change their profile picture, it doesn't change their contact picture on my phone. I've tried 'un-linking' them and re-linking them and it still shows the old profile picture. Is there any way to change this?
  7. DonRSD

    DonRSD Member

    i have the same exact issue.

    with my evo it updates some peoples new profile pics and not others.

    my best friend profile pic always updates yet my wife's profile pic has never updated in my phone list

    anyone have an answer?
  8. HKlove

    HKlove New Member

    i have an EVO and i can't sync my facebook friends with my phonebook contacts at all. i'll take you through the process i go through and hopefully someone can offer me some advice.

    first of all facebook and facebook contacts have been loaded on my phone, and under the options section for facebook it shows a green checkmark indicated they are synced to my phone.

    1. click on people
    2. select contact
    3. select "gallery"
    4. select "link to facebook profile" --> this takes to to a screen where you are asked to enter contact name.
    5. type in contact name
    6. then it says, "No matches found"

    someone help please. on my BB contacts were automatically linked to FB and if the name in my contact list was different from their FB name i could do it manually so i have no idea what to do with this EVO/FB confusion.
  9. pepperboy

    pepperboy New Member

    Same here... seem every one have same problem.... mmmm.... now i think only way is wait for update for fix this .... : (
  10. This is what happens on my new HTC Hero. My wife's EVO displays her FB friends list when she goes to link a contact to FB. But my Hero does not. I've tried everything and spent over an hour with Sprint. Tech support couldn't fix it either.
  11. jparker71

    jparker71 Well-Known Member

    Thats weird, on my Evo I can't sync but my daughter can on her Hero.
  12. clamchowderz

    clamchowderz Member

    Works for me - HTC EVO
    I did update the PRL the other day, that might have fixed the problem.

    1. click on people
    2. select contact
    3. select "gallery"
    4. select "link to facebook profile" --> this takes to to a screen where you are asked to enter contact name.
    5. type in contact name
    6. then it says, "No matches found"
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  13. swong46

    swong46 Member

    who figured this out? i updated PRL and now a small amount of my friends show up, not not all!
  14. lombo34

    lombo34 New Member

    I'm going through this now. It's synced with my GMail Contacts...and almost ALL of my contacts (that I also have on FB) show a possible link when I view them, but why isn't this linking them automatically?? Do I really need to link each and every one manually??
  15. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Sometimes yes. The reason is possible my father in law and bro in law have the same wont auto link because it is unsure the link is correct due to different information in say the phone number or email field on facebook vs what is stored on the phone. The facebook will auto link contacts that have x number of likeness entries. If there are variations it will not

    The same happens with my father. He is jr....I am 3rd. Facebook phone app suggests a link in his contact card to my facebook page as a suggested link...but links his auto...because the phone number and email listed at both match. Note that his name does not, as in my phone it just says dad. It sees that my name on facebook matxhes his name (which was added by the correct link to facebook) and suggests it as a possible link.
  16. Mindenz99

    Mindenz99 New Member

    yes unfortunately it does auto sync somehow though I wished I could shut it off, I dont like the pics to constantly change like mine does on my evo. If anyone knows how to actually turn this off I would be greatly appreciated. Unfortuantely guys I'm unsure of how I did this to begin with, other than when I got my phone in the mail the directions said to skip setting up facebook and google until activation was complete and i actually did it before I read that part so was alredy done when I activated it.
  17. Ruthfranks

    Ruthfranks New Member

    My issue is similar to the one described above except that I am taken to my contact's FB profile and I select it but then look back and it is not linked.
    I have tried multiple times to link the contact to their FB profile and intially it shows a green linked chain and then when I go back to see if it has been done the green link is gone.

    Is anyone else having this problem?
  18. amer3

    amer3 Member

    Works for me - HTC EVO
    I did update the PRL fixed the problem.
  19. Sharizap

    Sharizap New Member

    That is exactly the problem that brought me here. I just got my first Android phone- Evo shift, and some of my fb contacts will link and others won't. Could this have something to do with the individual's settings on facebook? For example, is there a fb security setting that prevents someone from linking to their profile maybe?
  20. brothakyle

    brothakyle Member

    That is the same problem i have. i linked one contact and it worked. i updated some things like facebook and the prl and such and the i tried to link some more contacts and the same problem exsisted. it leads me to believe there is a bug in the most recent update.
  21. brothakyle

    brothakyle Member

    i have the evo shift too btw
  22. MistyK

    MistyK New Member

    I have not figured out how to do them one @ a time....HELP :eek:
  23. MistyK

    MistyK New Member

    They will not sync in the settings. It will sync live feed but not he contacts

    this is driving me crazy
  24. ms_aranda

    ms_aranda New Member

    I happened to just catch this! I was getting really frustrated that only a couple contacts would sync when i noticed that the ones that did sync when saved to my phone and not my google contacts list. I went to my contacts, clicked menu, export to sd card, choose to export all from the Google account. Once this was done I did the above steps again but did not export, you will want to import the contacts to your phone not Google account. Once done, this will give you double contacts. Just hit menu, view and uncheck Google. You want to keep all on google if you ever lose or replace your phone. That way you'll always have them. once you unchecked Google you can go in and link all to facebook! Hope this helps all! Sorry for typos, typing from phone....
  25. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    You can try going into settings /account & sync and try to sync facebook with with your contacts or you can go to facebook program (not page) on your phone and in the area where it shows you your notifications click the menu button (the one on the phone) choose settings scroll to bottom where it says other settings and tap the Sync Contacts. choose the option you wish for your phone and then tap ok

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