Sync GT-I9100 with Outlook 2007 on WinXPSupport

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  1. Jenerator

    Jenerator Member

    I have successfully used Kies to sync Outlook with my Galaxy SII in the past, but for the last couple of days, whenever I try to Sync, it takes forever to "prepare to sync" and then after 1 or more discrepancies that I have to select whether to go with the Outlook or phone, I get a message that says, "An error occurred while syncing GT-I9100's schedule. Syncing Cancelled."
    It doesn't tell me what the error is, or how to avoid it. I don't think I'm able to sync at the moment (or at least, I can't trust that it's fully synced). I've tried selecting only a certain date range but that doesn't seem to make any difference.
    Can anyone help, please!

  2. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Did this happen all of a sudden? Have you installed any new apps recently? I'm assuming you're not rooted or anything. Troubleshooting could be uninstalling Kies and reinstalling, or perhaps there's something in the Sync settings on Kies or the Kies apps on your SGS2 that you can tinker with. Sorry I'm not too familiar with Kies.
  3. Jenerator

    Jenerator Member

    Do you mean uninstalling and reinstalling Kies on my desktop or on the phone? It came preinstalled on the phone, and no I don't think I've installed any new apps on the phone recently. No I'm not rooted. I've had the phone since just before Xmas and had problems with Kies updating the firmware on the phone once (solved by installing Kies on another computer to finish the firmware upgrade) and have even moved my entire Outlook to another drive on my desktop and have managed to sync it since then.
    In most cases I get through about a half-dozen "sync issues" before Kies shuts down.

    If you don't use Kies to sync your calendar, what do you use? Can you recommend anything?
  4. libertytoday

    libertytoday Active Member

    hi jenerator

    how did you sync to outlook 07

    i'm trying to sync appointments on my outlook calendar so they transfer to my Samsung Galaxy. having trouble
  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    My weapon of choice for sync'ing phone and Outlook is MyPhoneExplorer.
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  6. Jenerator

    Jenerator Member

    What Ironass said. Dear Hubby found MyPhoneExplorer and suggested it to me. It's not perfect (or maybe I've got the settings wrong) as far as transferring my Tasks list, but otherwise it's very good!

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