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  1. NoManches

    NoManches New Member

    I just recently got a new (refurbished) Captivate sent to me from AT&T since my old one had the random shutdown problem. Without the Keep Alive app installed on it it would shutdown anytime the battery got down to 92%.

    Anyways on my new Captivate I'm having a problem with the sync icon. It tends to come on a few minutes after my phone boots up & then it stays on ALL THE TIME even if I turn sync off. Anyone know why it would do that? It never really came on on my last Captivate, & if it did it certainly didnt stay on for hours. It seems to stay on now until I reboot the phone, & then it only stays off for a little bit before popping right back up again.

    Also I noticed that today according to 3G Watchdog I used about 40 MB of data, but according to AT&T I've used 130 MB or something. Thats crazy, Ive never used 130 MB in a day. I didnt even watch any videos today. Could it have something to do with the fact that the sync icon was on on my phone for hours?

    Any help with getting that icon to go away? I had the Froyo update through Kies on both my old & new phone (and neither is rooted) & the icon never showed up on my old phone & its always showing on this new one!!! Help!!

  2. NoManches

    NoManches New Member

    I have sync turned off in option AND its off on the power bar widget but the icon is STILL showing up top right by the wifi connection..... WTF? :(
  3. NoManches

    NoManches New Member

    Ok I fixed my own problem & figured I'd post about it here just in case anyone else ever has the same problem.

    Turns out that when I re-installed Gmail on my new phone, it automatically turned on synching with Picasa web album by default. I dont have a Picasa web album so it was just spinning spinning spinning for a couple days trying to sync with it. I guess if it tries to sync for a long time but cant it will put that icon up in the notification area. So I went into sync options & just unchecked the synching with Picasa web album & the icon went away.....

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