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Sync of Google Calendar failsSupport

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  1. cfgauss

    cfgauss New Member

    I'm new to Android and have a Droid X2 and Android 2.3.3. When I manually sync my phone calendar to Google Calendar the small, circular, spinning arrow stops and doesn't disappear (as it does with Contacts and Gmail). And, of course, the last sync date doesn't update either. It appears to be pulling (syncing from the Web Google Calendar to the phone calendar) but not pushing.

    I would welcome any suggestions or other threads with solutions.

  2. JonnyK429

    JonnyK429 Member

    Try going to Accounts in the Settings and remove the account, then re-add it
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  3. cfgauss

    cfgauss New Member

    Because it was a Google app, I couldn't re-add it without a factory reset. But after that syncing does seem to work. It always updates the time of last sync and, most of the time, the circular arrow icon disappears after a sync. Both push and pull syncing seem now to work. Thanks.
  4. bobarcher

    bobarcher Active Member

    ...is there a way to fix this issue without a factory reset?
  5. sic0048

    sic0048 Well-Known Member

    He wasn't suggesting that you remove the app, he suggested you remove the "account" - go to "Accounts and sync" under the main menu and remove the acct that is having sync issues. Then set it back up again.
  6. Immizgina

    Immizgina New Member

    I'm having a similar problem. I have my outlook calendar syncing to google calendar which syncs to my Samsung Epic. It's been this way for months, but lately I've noticed that it won't sync all of my calendar events. The events are located on the google calendar but some events just won't sync. Any ideas? I've re-sync multiple times, even restarting my phone & re-syncing. I've tried to remove the google account but it won't allow me to do so without restoring the factory settings.
  7. debbiejburke

    debbiejburke New Member

    I am new to Droid. I have a Droid X2. I can successfully add events, etc. to my Google calendar on my computer and they show up in my Google calendar on my phone but when I add an event via my phone, it does NOT show up on my Google calendar on my computer. UGH! Can anyone help? I was on the phone with Motorola for 4 hrs yesterday but they couldn't figure it out either and are "working on it" and say they will call me back within 24 hrs. Not holding my breath. Please help - anyone else have this issue? Google calendar in phone syncs fine with Outlook and if I access Google calendar via my browser on my phone and add something it is fine (shows up on my Google calendar on my computer). Sigh.
  8. ANoone

    ANoone New Member

    I'm having the same problem with my X - the calendar sync has stopped. When you try to remove the Google Account, you get a message that it can only be removed "by resetting the phone yo factory defaults."

    The little circle next to Sync Calendar is frozen with "6/4/2011 10:11am" - I missed an appointment yesterday. Help! Do I have to reset?
  9. dslovick

    dslovick New Member

    I have a similar problem with my new Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1. Calendar info comes from a web based calendar onto the phone, but does not sync in the other direction. Strangely, it sometimes will delete a preexisting event from the phone to the web based calendar. I also notice the circular arrows quiver and run erratically when syncing the calendar, and assume some kind of blockage to this process. No amount of deleting the account and re- setting up has helped here. Did you ever solve this difficulty yourself? DIS

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