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  1. SGN

    SGN Member


    Just picked up my galaxy nexus and was having trouble syncing a additional calendar to gcal. any suggestions? i've already added it as a separate 'mail' account and did add it to the list of calendars, but it doesn't show up in my gcal list.


  2. SGN

    SGN Member

    Figured it out...I believe it just took some more waiting time than I expected. Up and running well. Love this phone.
  3. relkind

    relkind Member

    yes nice phone. I am looking forward to seeing the next generation after Ice Cream Sandwich, I really like the way the calendar works as well. simple to use.
  4. LadyKatz

    LadyKatz New Member

    Isn't it nice when you solve your own problem. Sometimes things take time to connect or you need to switch you phone off and on.

    Enjoy your phone.

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