Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts - not using Google for HTC Sensation

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  1. sendmenews

    sendmenews New Member

    I have spent hours trying to figure this out with no success. I have an HTC Sensation. I have Outlook 2010 and want to have my desktop calendar sync with my phone (back and forth) without using the google application. I tried the hotmail connector with no success.

    I need this because I am constantly changing my calendar on my telephone and computer with my clients needs and thus I need the phone and computer to communicate when I make changes. Can someone please help me with how i can accomplish this.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Hotmail connector will only sync to hotmail online and will only appear on your phone if you have hotmail setup on exchange.

    Download a program called HTC Sync for your PC and connect your phone via USB to sync to Outlook.

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