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  1. aklexie

    aklexie Member

    I have searched some other forums but haven't found any recent/updated answers...has anyone figured out how to sync your exchange outlook tasks to any to-do list/tasks widgets?


  2. Razorback72727

    Razorback72727 New Member

    The built in Exchange functionality does not include Tasks. You can use Touchdown (Welcome to NitroDesk, Inc.). It does a good job on most things related to Exchange.

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  3. aklexie

    aklexie Member

    thanks! I will definitely check it out.
  4. loki16

    loki16 Member

    any solutions available for someone using plain Outlook (without Exchange)??

    Just need to sync contacts, tasks and calender.
  5. loki16

    loki16 Member

    Thanks for the tip. In the meantime I have tried gcsync (didn't work) and MyPhoneExplorer (didn't work either).

    Now trialling CompanionLink and it worked out of the box for everything except event reminders. Support have been very responsive and that's sorted now too.

    (I'm using Windows 7-64 bit and Outlook 2007)
  6. bobobo

    bobobo New Member

    I tried VCOrganizer Pro. It sync all my Outlook Tasks, Notes, Events, and contacts beautifully. A bit slow at the first sync, but it's ok after that the first sync.

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