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  1. h9211092

    h9211092 Member

    I switched from WM6.1 to HTC Hero. One of the most requested features for HTC Sync is to Sync Outlook tasks/notes. I really need to sync Outlook To-Do Tasks but it seems that it cannot be done. Any alternative options can be done? Thanks in advance!

  2. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    You cannot do it directly, but you could use something like Companion Synchronize (CompanionLink) which will synch your Outlook tasks with a Google Calendar which you could then Synch to the phone.

    Android is badly in need of some good PIM applications such as a good Calendar with categories, Tasks and Notes. My old Treo 650 was far in advance of Android in this respect.
  3. Nilzor

    Nilzor Member

    Another option is using Google Tasks as the service. You can reach that from the web and any device out there today. I'm using GTasks for android. Then you need a tool to synchronize Outlook tasks with Google Tasks, and just so happen to be, I've developed such a tool ;-)

    Check out GogTasks for Outlook
  4. JST01

    JST01 New Member

    How does your app compare to gsyncit?

    Currently using gsyncit for contacts and tasks and google calendar sync for calendar. I guess I could use gsyncit for calendar and eliminate google calendar sync. Afraid to change it since it is working!

    gsyncit worked a lot better for me than companionlink when I first started trying out these tools 6 months ago.

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