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  1. Scorpio001

    Scorpio001 Active Member


    I'm looking for a consistent approach to periodically sync photos between my Mac iPhoto and the Galaxy Note 2. I use iPhoto to store/consolidate photos taken various camera sources.

    Any workflow recommendations? What app do I need to install both on my Mac and/or Note 2?


  2. yzviper

    yzviper Member

    Whenever I plug my Iphone or memory card from my camera in, I have iphoto set to auto download from the source. I won't get to test this with the note until tonite, but it should recognize it a media source and act the same way. I didn't do anything special to iphoto to get it to perform this task. Well thats how I used to do it. I use Lightroom now.
  3. Scorpio001

    Scorpio001 Active Member

    What about sending photos from iPhoto album/event to the Note 2?
  4. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    I use drop box to send stuff to all my devices
  5. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    Curious to know this as well. I use iPhoto for storing all my photos but couldn't figure out a "good" way to sync between the two. I wanted most of my albums on my Note 2 and the only way I was able to do this was to copy/paste all the photos into separate folders, then move all the photos via Android File Transfer to my Note 2's SD card. As these albums won't change or have additional photos added to them, I guess this route is fine. However I'd like to not have to import all photos into iPhoto and then replicate the process again when putting the photos onto my Note 2.

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