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  1. jonathanc81

    jonathanc81 Member

    Hi all,

    I've searched and tried most method I could find on Google but so far the problem is still there.

    I seem to have a problem syncing my phone using HTC Sync. I've installed HTC Sync which I've downloaded from the HTC website. Everything installed well and I could sync for one time.

    After that I get an error on my Desire...some program failed and I need to force the sync to end. After that I can't seem to sync anymore :(

    My Device Manager shows an exclamation mark next to My HTC (under Android USB Devices). I've checked and it says its Error Code 10 (Device unable to start.

    I've tried other USB ports, re-installed HTC Sync, manually copying the drivers over, rebooting Desire etc but the problem is still there.

    My O/S is W7 64 bit and I am sure I've got the right drivers. I am using the latest version of HTC Sync as well. (2.0.33)

    Anyone have any ideas?

    p/s: I am new here so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section

  2. jonathanc81

    jonathanc81 Member

    Update : I've deleted the My HTC drivers completely and manually installed the drivers from the HTC Sync folder. Now My HTC is ok but one of my USB controllers have an error - Error 10 again... (USB Mass Storage Device)
  3. bloggsey

    bloggsey Member

    I have same problem after doing reset as internet would not connect. I tried deleting and reinstalling latest htc sync but still no good although internet now ok. Forgot to say Win7 64bit
  4. jonathanc81

    jonathanc81 Member

    Right, after some trial and error I got it to connect but while trying to sync with Outlook I get this error :

    Process stopped unexpectedly...

    any ideas?
  5. jonathanc81

    jonathanc81 Member

    I can use the HDD feature fine ie I can mount the SD card so just the HTC Sync feature not working :(

    If I am posting in the wrong section/forum can someone kindly point me to the correct place please? Thanks.
  6. jonathanc81

    jonathanc81 Member

    hmm so this definitely is a problem then? Is there anywhere official that we could report this as a bug?

    I have no errors now in Device Manager but I just can't get HTC SYnc to work...other options works fine (Charge, HDD, haven't tried internet yet though ... ) Don't think its my firewall as I have completely disabled Kaspersky suite.

    (I'm an Android newbie so please forgive noob questions...)

    edit : I tried plugging various USB ports in my desktop. Sometimes I can get it to detect in HTC Sync but when I tried to do a Sync I will get the dreaded " process com.htp.bgp error " . I've disabled all other syncs but this still happens.

    After this ( I have to Force Stop on the Desire + abort on PC ) I got back to square one.... :( It just can't sync after saying Synchronisation can't be started, can't even repair!
  7. jonathanc81

    jonathanc81 Member

    I did some Googling and most problems identical to mine runs Windows 7 64 bit. Perhaps there's definitely a bug when it comes to this? Is there anywhere I can alert the developers about this?

    edit: Also, what is the proper way to disconnect after syncing? Just pull the cable out?
  8. jonathanc81

    jonathanc81 Member

    wow...great support....
  9. chin

    chin New Member

    i had similar issues (active synch stopped synching on HTC Desire).

    -first, deleted and resetup my email account
    -i deactivated possible connection to wifi
    -have had no issues for last 5 days
    -i read quite a few good posts about touchdown, d/l free app, but didnt try it or purchase the app

    have had no issues since (fingers crossed). my guess is that going from different wifi networks some how screws up the synch.

    anyone have similar luck with this approach re. wifi?
  10. BorgCymru

    BorgCymru Member

  11. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

  12. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

  13. MFussell2316

    MFussell2316 Member

    I had this same exact problem. Drove me nuts. Read somewhere that there might be a conflict with iTunes. Fortunately, my iTunes is on an external hard drive. I unplugged it, reloaded the HTC Sync software and it booted right up with no errors. If you can somehow 'disable' iTunes, or disconnect any external hard drives, give it a shot. It might work for you like it did me. Good luck!!!

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