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  1. dainnsto

    dainnsto Member

    Hi, i have been looking around quite a lot for an app that looks just like any other Sticky Note app, but i want a version for Windows 7/Vista gadgets too.

    So what i basicly want is that when i write a note in my sticky note app/widget on my desire it will pop up on my computer as a sticky note gadget too.

    Is this possible? Or do it exist? I dont know anything about making apps and all that, but maybe someone in here can help.


  2. jooliohoolio

    jooliohoolio Member

    Hey dainnsto,

    I'm looking for this exact same thing too- you got anywhere? I use the sticky notes on my win 7 laptop all the time and it'd be double helpful if, like you say, that it'd sync with my phone and vice versa.
  3. dainnsto

    dainnsto Member

    Noo, i have still not found it. Anyone?

    bump! bump!
  4. rumbataz

    rumbataz Well-Known Member

    Evernote is quite good - not quite a yellow Post-It notes type of interface but very useful for sharing notes, videos, audio, emails, pictures, etc between your PC and Android phone (and virtually any other device too). And it's free subject to limited bandwidth usage.
  5. Sphagnum

    Sphagnum Well-Known Member

    I would love to see something like this! Anyone find a solution?

    Having a Windows 7 Gadget that is essentially an Evernote would work perfectly, but I haven't found that...
  6. castel15

    castel15 New Member

    Have you tried Sticky Notes Online? There is a iGoogle Gadget, Windows 7 Gadget, Mac Widget, iPhone app, and they are planning to release the apps for Windows Phone, Blackberry and of course Android very soon this year. Check their website:
    SharPra Sticky Notes Online
  7. sharpra

    sharpra New Member

  8. infomatrix

    infomatrix New Member

    when i try to go to the website chrome gives me a malware warning...has anybody found anything else out there similar to this?
  9. mdsandy

    mdsandy Member

    try google keep
  10. mdsandy

    mdsandy Member

    here's how... install keep in chrome. open a new tab, go to apps page (the other page other than the most visited page). right click the keep icon and choose create shortcuts. check the desktop and your android note will be synced there.

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