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Sync with Outlook??Support

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  1. goatee

    goatee Member

    I've been trying to use the software in the box to sync with Outlook (2007 on Vista), with no luck - it always just says that synchronization failed. I'm having to use Google Calendar Sync, and dumping my contacts into a CSV to keep them synced, which is a PITA - does anyone have any ideas?

    Are there any other applications which could do it?


  2. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Member

    Sorry I don't know why this is not working for you but I can confirm it is working ok for me (Vista/Outlook 2007). I just installed the software and it woked. :confused:

  3. Barrister

    Barrister New Member

    Might have a problem if you have Vista 64 bit. Google Sync won't work with it yet.
  4. goatee

    goatee Member

    Thanks - nope, I'm on Vista Enterprise 32 bit, and Outlook 2007. Shame, well, I'll see if I can use RoadSync.
  5. buzzbro

    buzzbro New Member

    When I plugged in the USB cable (an old one) my system said that it could not recognize the device. Tried a new cable and it worked.
  6. goatee

    goatee Member

    My issue was that my Pulse was recognised, and the software tried to sync, it just did nothing. In the end I used Roadsync, which did the job, though I now have a Hero, which has over the air Exchange Sync built in :).

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