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  1. djvision

    djvision New Member

    How in the world can I sync my contacts from my phone and yahoo?

  2. RedsGT

    RedsGT Well-Known Member

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  3. OnTheEdge

    OnTheEdge New Member

    @RedsGT: That is certainly shows how one would import their Yahoo contacts (unless I missed something), but the question was how to sync them. Anyone out there come across that gem yet? I still use both my Yahoo and Gmail accounts. Thanks.
  4. NewtonsUrge

    NewtonsUrge New Member

    I'm experiencing the same issue.
    I'm migrating from an iphone 3gs to an evo.
    The 3gs didn't sync over the air, but did at least sync with yahoo contacts when connected to the pc.
    This seems to be a really anticompetitive move by google, since they do include exchange sync, facebook sync etc.
  5. jimwu13

    jimwu13 New Member

    I have an app called YContact that will allow you to sync your Yahoo! contacts over the air with any Android phone. It currently only supports one way syncing from Yahoo! to your phone, but I working on 2 way syncing. Please check it out and feel free to email any questions or comments to Thanks.

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