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    Jul 30, 2012
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    On the Note 2, I am not positive, but I believe it was synching with my Google calendar that I had online when at my computer. If so, it isn't today.

    That said, I also have iCal on my mac and since its set up with the same gmail address I use for my Samsung devices IS there any way to synch S Planner with it?
    I thought that if I added an appointment in my iCal, or even for that matter, in my Google calendar on line, as long as I did it using the same account, using the same Gmail address it would automatically synch, but it isn't.

    I read somewhere that I could download Google Calander but I really would prefer to use S Planner.

    Is there anyway around this?

    I know that i will have the same problem setting it up on the Note 1 when I get to it but as it is my husbands phone and i am the one that sets up all the appointments, I will get to that after I master the Note 2 synch problems

    Bearing in mind, in iCal on the Mac, they do use colour coded calendars per address but the gmail one i use just isnt synching at all :(


  2. JunBringer

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    May 25, 2010
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    Yeah I've noticed that when you input an event on the samsung calendar it doesn't go to the Google Calendar, but it will read from the Google Calendar, so I have to remember to input events on my Nexus 4 or open up the Google Calendar app, if it's even on there, to input an event.

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