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  1. Internaut

    Internaut Well-Known Member

    I'm having an interesting problem with my S3. I have contacts from more than one source on it and so have multiple entries for the same person in many instances. I know this can be dealt with on the phone itself but I'd really like is one universal contact book (i.e. Google) that syncs with my phone and other devices.

    This sounds easy enough, but I've run into a problem. I can't get the none Google contacts to sync with Google. Here's what I've done:

    - Settings->Accounts and Sync-> Contacts (and everything else).
    - Contacts App->Menu->Merge With Google.

    At this point I get a "No phone contacts to merge with Google account" error.

    Is this a limitation of the phone or is there something I need to do? Any work arounds?

  2. Internaut

    Internaut Well-Known Member

    Oh, I think I posted too soon. I've just exported my contacts to the SD card and re-imported them to the Google Group. That seems to have done the trick.

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