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  1. TheKingIV

    TheKingIV Active Member

    Is there any way to sync them? It seems like they should sync automatically, but my tasks from Gmail are not coming through with the Calendar.

  2. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    When you open the calendar app and hit the menu button. Just hit "Sync". Should bring in all the changes you made in Google calendar to your phone.
  3. TheKingIV

    TheKingIV Active Member

    Well unfortunately, Google Tasks aren't syncing at all...Inside the Calendar app, there is a pane on the right side for "tasks" (at the bottom when they are on the right side of the screen), but even when I hit "sync", it is blank.

    I also went to accounts to sync for the app and have it hooked up to my Gmail.

    Any other idea what I can do?
  4. joggy

    joggy Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately Google has still not offered a solution for its Tasks for android. Gaping hole in my opinion.

    To get around this though you can try using a tasks app and alternate calendar widget.

    I use GTasks for syncing of Google Tasks and Pure Calendar Widget to get them to display on my calendar widget.

    There are other apps that will do similar, but I've always used these two apps to do what you are trying to do. Both are great developers too, especially Koxx from Pure Calendar. The dude will go out of his way to accommodate if you support his app.

  5. Jules1677

    Jules1677 New Member

    Is there still not a solution for this task syncing issue? I would have thought google would ahve figured it out but I cant get it to work. Please help!!!!
  6. Rezasaurus

    Rezasaurus New Member

    I guess they have not come up with a solution yet unfortunately. I too wish to sync my tasks but at the moment it's a no go
  7. joseph.carty

    joseph.carty Member

    I this not true. Google as released their Tasks API. There are lots of apps now that allow you to sync with Google Tasks. Samsung simply has not incorporated it into their app. They are the people that are either lazy, or don't think it is important.

    As mentioned, you can just use other apps that sync the tasks correctly in the mean time.
  8. laptopdork

    laptopdork New Member

    I had this exact problem. The 3rd party app Calengoo is a perfect answer IMO but it costs $6. It perfectly syncs Google Tasks and Google Calendar, and displays the Tasks inside your Calendar both on your phone and on your Google Account for your desktop. The calendar scrolls nicely too.

    I cannot believe google has not addressed this Task syncing in the stock calendar app, look at these threads making this same complaint going back to 2009!

    Google Groups

    Google Groups
  9. Dissaray

    Dissaray New Member

    If someone can figure out how to sync Outlook with Google tasks, then you could just use Kies to sync your phone with Outlook tasks which would then sync to Google....

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