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Syncing issue with Gmail and or Gmail Chat(?)Support

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  1. cubsphan23

    cubsphan23 Member

    I just upgraded to a Rezound yesterday. My gf is currently on another continent, and gmail / gmail chat are extremely important for us right now. I have had some inconsistency with getting a notification ring when I receive Gmail messages (via email). Also when she used Gmail chat from her computer, the first time we tried it said I was off line when I wasn't. But then later I had her send me some test messages and they came through just fine.

    I need to know which settings i need to be aware of that will effect gmail and gmail chat (Talk). Sometimes this is the only way she can get ahold of me and tell me to call her, and I need to be 100% sure that I always have everything set properly so that I instantly receive my notifications.


  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    on your google acct do you have the box checked to sync gmail and chat automatically?
  3. cubsphan23

    cubsphan23 Member

    ok, i had to dig a little bit to find that setting..on my phone under my gmail accounts it has my email address and an option to "add email address". When I click on my current email address and then click settings, it has "auto sync" which IS checked. But is does not specify "gmail and chat".

    Is this what you're talking about?

    Someone also told me that if I switch my phone from "high performance" to "normal" this might have an effect as well. And I also read somewhere that if I have "fastboot" enabled it could mess with some of my apps after a restart.
    I'm wondering if I should have fastboot enabled or not.

    With all these different settings options I wish the user manual was a little more in depth. It basically just covers the basics that most people can learn within the first 10 minutes.
  4. kimleq

    kimleq New Member

    I have my gmail account added to my phone mail and this is how you set it up to "push" to you whenever something is sent.

    Tap Mail app
    Check to see your gmail is the account that is at the top left if not hit the arrow down key and set that account, (I have 3 accounts)
    On the bottom red keys hit the one with the stacked slash marks(I call it the menu button)
    Choose More
    Choose Settings
    Recieve Settings
    Update Schedule
    Under frequency make sure both peak and off peak are set to Push mail

    I don't have Chat so I don't knwo about that.

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