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Syncing Music with Double TwistGeneral

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  1. Jevid

    Jevid Well-Known Member

    FYI - I installed Double Twist on my PC to see if it would sync with my Eris. It worked great. Once I mounted my Eris, it showed up as a device and I could drag music to it no problem. It also ready my iTunes library no problem. The only gotcha is that if you enable syncing music - it by default wants to sync everything. I disabled that because like with all my mp3 players, I like to manually control syncing.

    The Amazon Music store isn't integrated into the Windows version, but I gather it's coming in the near future.

    I tried syncing with Media Monkey, but couldn't get it to see my Eris. I may try again. Double Twist is pretty bare bones, but it got the job done.

  2. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Never used any sort of extra software like this before, what is the benefit? Why use this instead of just drag and drop?
  3. Jevid

    Jevid Well-Known Member

    Two roads leading to the same place, they both do the same thing. But, since I already have my music library, including podcasts, all nice and organized, I find it a bit easier to use something like Double Twist. Personal preference, I guess.

    You can set it up to auto-sync with certain playlists, etc. Then all you do is plug in your phone, no dragging.
  4. Teezy

    Teezy Well-Known Member

    ok DT found my playlist from iTunes but there's no songs in any of them. Hmmmm

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