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Syncing Outlook 2010 to S4 for the first timeSupport

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  1. rockhopper

    rockhopper New Member


    I am waiting for my S4 to be delivered. I am a long time user of BlackBerry and now I'm finally giving up on my Torch 9800. In the past with my BlackBerry I've synced it with Outlook 2010 for calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks by using BlackBerry desktop. This worked almost perfectly.

    Now, I would like to sync my PIM in Outlook with my new S4 using USB connection. I am using Windows 7. I heard Samsung Kies does a decent job in syncing calendar, contacts, but not sure if it syncs notes and tasks. I use my Gmail for only e-mail and not the calendar and notes features. How do I set it up to sync my S4 to Outlook (on my laptop) so I don't have my calendar synced (or displayed) with my Gmail calendar and notes?

    For the first sync I believe I can just sync my Outlook to S4 with Kies and not even need my BlackBerry Torch to do this since all my latest data will be updated in Outlook anyways.


  2. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I don't do anything through USB. I sync Outlook on my desktop to Google and then let the phone sync with Google. For contacts I use GO Contact Sync Mod and for calendar I use Google Calendar Sync, the latter of which I don't think is available.

    You can find a number of other solutions here: Sync Android/Droid with Outlook/Exchange

    Doing it via Google will keep your calendar much more up to date.
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  3. rockhopper

    rockhopper New Member

    Thanks Goodspike for your response.

    That link is to other solution is very useful. From that table, it appears that Kies does support Outlook tasks and notes syncing with Android to a limited degree. I will try it. I'm more concerned with transferring my 800+ notes (all text) from Outlook to my S4. I don't have any drawings attached to my notes which I believe is available on the S4. So maybe it may sync smoothly with just text notes.
  4. PickPatrick

    PickPatrick Active Member

    I use android sync
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  5. rockhopper

    rockhopper New Member

    Thanks PickPatrick. This may be a good solution.

    How does Android Sync handles conflicting items (e.g. you make a change on your S4 calendar that's different from the change on your Outlook calendar)?

    Have you had any issues with using Android Sync?

    I just got off the phone with Samsung support and they said Kies does not support notes syncing with Outlook, although there is a way to transfer my notes from my BlackBerry to my S4 one time using Smart Switch (Blue tooth feature of transferring data).
  6. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I should probably add that the solutions to this which I am currently using were picked almost 3 years ago. That's why one of them is no longer available, but the other point to that is that I might pick some other solution if I was looking today. That said, the solutions I've picked have worked well.

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