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  1. rm2012

    rm2012 New Member

    I have just taken delivery of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone and would like to Sync my MS Outlook contacts Calendar, tasks, notes etc with my phone. I have download the Kies software from Samsung website to my PC ok. The problem is that the Kies software wont install. when I run the Kies Installshield Wizard after about 2 minutes it gives an error message that the PC is not connected to the Internet. I have checked the internet connection and it is ok. I have even disabled the PC security system when attempting to install Kies.

    Has any one had a similar problem, if so what was the solution?

    Also is there a reliable alternative sync program to Kies that will work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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  3. ArandroidPH

    ArandroidPH New Member

    I downloaded Android Sync and tried installing it but the message I got was that it is not a 32-bit supported app
  4. Harplayr

    Harplayr Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for a one-shot solution you can export your Outlook contacts to your Google GMAIL account.

    For continuous sync Companionlink for Outlook works great.

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