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Syncing pics with Dropbox

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  1. harbottled

    harbottled Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 17, 2010
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    I've been looking for an easy way to automatically sync my pictures that I've saved on my Evo SD card automatically to my computer. I'm an old iPhone user and I loved the way it always created a new folder in my pictures folder on my computer every time I plugged my phone in using the USB. I searched the market and found Dropbox. However, when I open it, I only have 2 folders: photos and public. When I click on photos, I only get a sample album and a "how to use photos folder". I have hundreds of pics on my Evo....where are they?? Am I doing something wrong? I save all pics that ppl send me to my SD card.
    I tried just mounting the phone and going into the dcim folder, but it only shows a few pics. Where are the rest??
    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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