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  1. Lady Kearse

    Lady Kearse New Member

    Does anybody know how to sync the android with a laptop (windows 7)???

  2. gear42

    gear42 Member

    What is the device model you have?
  3. superoo

    superoo New Member

    Download an app called isyncr. It works
  4. corey10

    corey10 New Member

    does anyone know how to unsync facebook from my contact list? every time i go into my contact list all my facebook friends pop up. just want the people i have put in the contact list with tele numbers to come up. can anyone help me?
  5. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Hi Corey, welcome to AF! :) Which device do you own?

    You can access the phonebook, hit menu then select View/Display Options (it will differ on each handset), then select which contacts you want to view in the address book.
  6. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    If you go to menu>settings>accounts & sync and tap on your facebook account, un-check the contacts box and then resync the phone. It should get rid of them for you.
  7. chidozie

    chidozie Member

    i just got a galaxy pro 3 days ago but having some mishaps.
    First of all anytime I transfer songs (600 in no) to my phone, after disconnecting my phone freezes up or most of the songs are cleared on its own and the memory card sometimes mounts and unmounts on its own to the extent dat I downloaded astro but could not install showin my memory card wasn't available. Pls help bcos I'm starting to hate this fone.
  8. Fullback41

    Fullback41 New Member

    If I enter events in my Outlook calendar, it will sync to my Google calendar and my Droid. If I enter events in my Google calendar, it will sync to my Outlook calendar and my Droid. BUT, if I am out of the office and add something to my Droid calendar it does not sync anywhere. Any suggestions? Right now I am considering trashing the Droid calendar and just using my phone to access the Google calendar when out of the office.
  9. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Fullback41, which handset are you using?
  10. crywolf

    crywolf Member

    I had the same problem in not being able to sync from my phone to the Outlook.

    Problem was solved when I entered the calendar settings, and realized that I had three different calendars there. When I unhooked all but the Exchange calendar, things suddenly started working.
  11. davidmrubemd

    davidmrubemd New Member

    I have a Photon 4g and My google calendar syncs great with my android calendar but when i add an event to my phone it does not sync to google. PLEASE HELP
  12. stacybergsma

    stacybergsma New Member

    Same problem here and a popup comes up saying, "Google calendar cannot sync with Samsung Kies. Use My calendar to sync with Kies." Which My calendar are they referring to? There are several in the Market.

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