sync'ing (w/ Palm Desktop-Companion Link) to both desktop and laptop--copying files?

  1. monsieurms

    monsieurms Member

    Hi..this may be a bit of an unusual question...

    On upgrading from Palm OS to Droid, I decided to keep the Palm Desktop I use as a PIM because...I like it. And I don't like sync'ing to google. Companion Link offers a way to do that in conjunction with DejaOffice.

    Now...I set this up, works great, no problem and have my desktop sync going great.

    With my Palm device I used to sync to my laptop as well, by selecting "device overwrites desktop program" to avoid duplicate entries and anomalies.

    I'm assuming I can do something like that as well with Companion Link. The options seem to offer a path to do that.

    But before I embark on that possible adventure, I'm wondering...would it make sense to just copy the .dat files from my desktop computer to my laptop? Would the copy of the Palm PIM on my laptop then pick up the new data when it next opens? Or is this just a worthless idea that will screw everything up?


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