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Syncing with Gmail contacts sucks (Browse All)

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  1. TheFov

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Is there any way to sync between the linked contacts on your phone? For example, you can have a Facebook, a Google, and a phone contact, and have them all "linked" but they don't sync any of the information between them. Yes its handy to not have the same name show up three times on my contact list but is that all the "linked" function does with contacts? That's kind of lame.

    If all this is by design it begs the question, if you use Gmail's contacts what is the point of having "phone" contacts as opposed to just "google" contacts.

    EDIT: I removed my rant on 2 way syncing between Gmail contacts online and "google contacts" on the phone because it does work, but in order to see the changes on in your Gmail account you have to get out of the website. If you're like me and leave a tab open on Gmail all day long you'll never see the changes.


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