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  1. mrdomenic

    mrdomenic New Member

    Pretty new to Andoid, and I am having problems syncing Google Calendar with my phone. I transfered all my events from Outlook to Google calendar with no problem using Google apps , but when I sync with my phone not all the events transfered. I'm pretty sure none of the recurring events transfered to the phone, even though they are on Google calendar. Even some of the events that are not recurring didn't transfer to the phone either, although some, did. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance,


  2. xoxojackie

    xoxojackie Member

    For me, at least, when it comes to recurring event, it only shows up on my calendar once at a time, if that makes any sense...

    What I mean is, I have an event that recurs on the 25th of each month, reminding me to pay my bills. (It takes a calendar reminder, an Astrid Task reminder, and a stick note popping up on my computer, all at different points in the day, to get me to actually do this. And I still forget some months!) ...Back to my point, I can only see it on my calendar once. So, since the 25th hasn't passed yet, I see it on my July calendar, but not my August one. Once it's past the 25th of the month, it'll appear on the calendar on August 25th.

    So, if your recurring events are showing up once but not every week/month/whatever, that's probably why.

    If some of your other events still aren't syncing, well... I've got nothing.
  3. mrdomenic

    mrdomenic New Member

    Thanks, and I understand what you mean. I'm having a little bit different problem - while me recurring events show up on Google calendar, they don't show up on my phone even once!
  4. dornbosj

    dornbosj New Member

    I also have issues with reoccurring events not showing on the calendar app. Please help!

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