Syrmia Tower Defense

  1. syrmtech

    syrmtech New Member

    Hi everyone!
    We just recently released our first game on android market called Syrmia Tower Defense and we would love to hear your opinions.

    Some of key features include:
    • 2 game modes (Campaign and Skirmish)
    • 2 types of maps to choose from (open maps and maps with fixed path)
    • 5 base upgrades that increase tower attributes
    • 2 ammo upgrades for each tower that improve existing or add completely new effects
    • 5 skills that you can upgrade by gaining experience
    • 8 achievements to unlock that also gives you various bonuses
    • ...

    Screen shots:





    Free version of the game can be found on android market: Syrmia Tower Defense

    Full version can be currently found at:
    Android Market

    For more information here are some links:
    Official web page
    Facebook page

    If you want to contact us directly you can do that at:

  2. hansschmucker

    hansschmucker Well-Known Member

    Just had a very quick test run and it works shockingly well on my little LG P500 (600Mhz 480x320 ARMv6). The graphics are great, although as usual a little low on contrast. I can't say a whole lot about the gameplay yet, but the ingame UI is a little fiddly: Hitting the upgrade button usually takes 4 or 5 attempts :)
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  3. syrmtech

    syrmtech New Member

    Thank you for your feedback. We agree with what you said about UI and we will work on improving it in the future updates.
  4. syrmtech

    syrmtech New Member

    New update is out on the market.

    We added support for app to SD and enhanced graphic scaling (most notable on larger screens).

    Future update will include improved UI and some new content.

    Also full version is now available on SlideME.

    We highly appreciate your suggestions so feel free to post your comment or send us an email.
  5. syrmtech

    syrmtech New Member

    Full version is out on the android market and is currently on discount.

    New things in this version include some balancing improvement, minor UI improvements and new special enemy.

    Check it out on Android Market.

    We highly appreciate your suggestions so feel free to post your comment and/or send us an email.

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