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System software update (8/3/2011)General

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  1. weiyang1

    weiyang1 Guest


    Received a notification for a system software update today (8/3/2011) on my HTC Desire Z. Installed it and I don't notice any difference. Does anyone know what this update contains?


  2. nonotz

    nonotz Active Member

    it mentioned something about performance and camera

    i didnt notice any difference too
  3. Barry Cheok

    Barry Cheok New Member

    I just got mine updated yesterday, i noticed a slight improvement in speed and performance, it is smoother and lesser lag now.

    They also updated the "map", now it comes with auto compass direction if you click "my location" twice, which means the map will rotate according to the direction you are heading. IPhone has this function and i always want it...so its cool

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