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  1. namlee78

    namlee78 Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon all!!!!

    When I check my Storage Information, It said, /system Path, Capacity is 248.0M but, only 52.7M available.

    It specifies System Storage, I have plant of room for Application Storage(Capacity 748.0M, Available 597.1M)

    What is /system storage? and how I have to make more room?
    52.7M available is too small, isn't it?

  2. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    This is the root system area, which we don't have access to. Apps do not install there, and nothing in there will change much, if at all, without a system update.

    The only way to access that area is through rooting. So, just ignore it for now. :)
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  3. namlee78

    namlee78 Well-Known Member

    just worried that it was almost full..Thank you for your answer

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